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Baltimore’s In the House
June 1, 2024 | 12:00pm – 8:00pm
Inner Harbor Amphitheatre Baltimore, MD

Celebrating 40 years of House music here in Charm City, this electrifying event pays homage to the pioneers who elevated the genre to new heights, both locally and globally. This dynamic showcase will feature legendary DJs, producers, and artists who have left an indelible mark on Baltimore’s vibrant music scene, with headliners including DJ Biskit, DJ Oji, DJ Pope, Sheri Booker, Ultra Naté, and Fatal Attraction Step Squad. From its underground culture to mainstream recognition, immerse yourself in the rich history and soulful rhythms that define House music in our city.

House Music Legends

Music & Performers
DJ Mr. Incredible
DJ Biskit
Fatal Attraction Step Squad
Sheri Booker
DJ Pope
DJ Oji
Ultra Nate
Richard Burton

Additional information on Baltimore’s in the House can be found below.

Upcoming Festivals

Baltimore by Baltimore is a series of six all-day festivals that serve as a platform for Baltimore’s all-star artists, makers, and creatives to showcase our diverse and creative communities to the world! The remaining festival days’ producers are:

  • July 6: Produced by Baltimore-based clawhammer banjoist Brad Kolodner. The festival is a celebration of Baltimore’s vibrant acoustic roots music. Featuring fiddles, banjos, songwriters, instrumentalists, percussive dance along with square dancing.
  • Aug. 10: Produced by John Tyler, founder of Baltimore’s Love Groove Festival. The festival is called “Groove in the City” and will focus on showcasing young performing and visual artists.
  • Sept. 7: Produced by CJay Philip of Dance and Bmore, the focus will be on intergenerational dance across Baltimore.
  • Oct. 5: Produced by Black Girls Vote and Baltimore Votes. The final festival is called “Voting is a Vibe.”