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Elements of Magic

2024 May Day Faerie Festival

May 4-5, 2024
10:00am to 5:00pm daily
Celebrated at Rocky Point Park in Baltimore County, MD

Rocky Point Park jubilantly invites you to share in our May Day Faerie Festival in partnership with Spoutwood Farm. On May 4th and May 5th, 2024, we’ll capture the magic and wonder of the majestic Chesapeake Bay once again to celebrate the adjoining, intertwined spirit of Spoutwood Farm with The Greenman, Lady Lucy, and our family of fae.

Live Music * Dancing * Bubbles * Magicians * Fairies * Goblins * Craft Vendors * Storytellers * Winged Things

There will be activities for humans and fae of all ages!

All are encouraged to join together again in 2024 at our fae-friendly picturesque home at Rocky Point. We will meet merrily, we will dance, and we will call out our Kubiandos from one to the other throughout the festivities. Until then, Kubiando to one and all!


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More information on 2024 May Day Faerie Festival below.

The Magic of Nature

Spoutwood Farm and Baltimore County are delighted to partner together again to present the 2024 May Day Faerie Festival at the picturesque and tranquil Rocky Point Park this year. While the Chesapeake Bay may be far from the rolling hills and fields of Spoutwood, the same water that flows through Spoutwood’s Pierceville Run eventually meets the Chesapeake Bay and touches Rocky Point. Connected by water, spirit, and mission, both Spoutwood Farm and Rocky Point exist to further an appreciation for the natural world and demonstrate our shared connection to the environment.

The May Day Faerie Festival will allow both organizations to share the magic of nature and celebrate the wonder of the season. The opportunity to bring a community of friends and fae together is exciting and enchanting. After the festival, both Spoutwood and Rocky Point are looking forward to turning your support into the educational programs that will make the world a friendlier, better, and more magical place.